Testimonials and Press

Media: We are very grateful to Australian Dog Lover Magazine for the following review: New Caution Leash For Nervous Dogs

Mia and Dog

Thanks Mia.

Nessa and Solly

Thanks Nessa and Sol for being so wonderful! Enjoy your walks!

Sue and Tilly

This photo is of the gorgeous Tilly.

Tilly was found on a property, chained to a tin drum and starving. Sue and Tilly began their life together with much learning to be done. Tilly had never eaten food from a bowl and was shockingly timid. Two years later and after lots of love and care Tilly is doing well, and looking ready for a walk with his new leash.

Morris and his 16 year old Toy Poodle: Snowy.

“I met Mary walking her dog along the beach with the Caution Lead and realised it was exactly what I needed for my dog, Snowy.

She’s 16, virtually blind and deaf so easily startled when kids or other dogs start sniffing her butt. She often doesn’t respond in a socially appropriate way.

Now I use the Caution Leash people understand immediately not to approach her, it works!”

Sarah and her dog Hector

Sarah and Hector

SMary asked me to test out the Caution Lead when walking my gorgeous rescue dog, Hector, to see how other people would react.

At first I was reluctant but it turned out to be a really interesting experiment.  People where never worried about him but knew not to approach him without talking to me first.

The leash worked well for Hector who’s got anxiety issues of the oddest type.