World Of Dog News

These are just some of the most important news articles that talk about dogs, and the extraordinary lengths people will go to love and protect them.

13th of April 2019: Woman lost in national park kept safe with help of her dog.

6th of April 2019: Florida introduces tough penalties for animal cruelty. Go Florida!

29th March 2019: Dogs detect seizures. With an extraordinary sense of smell dogs can smell when a person is about to have an epileptic fit. Just amazing.

22nd of March 2019: Ralph rescued after being trapped in a rabbit hole for five days.

21st of March 2019: Charlie, the hero dog who protected the chickens during raging bushfire in Australia.

20th March 2019: Can’t resist a Flintstones and Dino Story. Total distraction.

9th of March: After tagging along with mountaineer a stray dog becomes the first to reach Everest Summit.

6th March 2019: Our Dogs Are Lonely: Warns RSPCA

25th February: Dog thrown from stolen ute, rescue and returned to a very grateful owner.

20th of February 2019:

Dog runs away on owners wedding day and is found eight months later:

15th of February 2019

Where is the justice? Man sexually abuses a dog and posts the video online

14th of February 2019

Trump would feel a little fake, having a dog?

10th February 2019

Elon Musk: Tesla to install dog safe temperature control.

4th February 2019

RSPCA claims 5000 dogs die in car crashes each year: Advice, secure your dog in the car.

30th January 2019

15 months jail for man who stabbed dog.

20th of January 2019

How to protect your pets during a harsh winter

11th January 2019

Queensland workers refuse to read meters after dog attacks

9th January 2019

Pet Food Warning For Dog Owners

8th of January 2019

Ok that’s a tad embarrassing; man rescued, left wet and embarrassed after falling into the river after chasing his dog:

Another disgraceful story of the alleged abuse of an innocent dog:

Super cute story of a dog fostering a lion cub. While I’m unsure of the backstory this video, its still worth a watch.

7th January 2019


Dogs left in appalling conditions rescued in Georgia